A “new normal” kind of Christmas Pageant

With Omicron looming on the horizon, social distancing still very much matters, and our usual crowded Pageant preparation, with Shepherds and Angels bumping into one another as lambs dig around to find their ears and little cherubim helping one another with their halos, is simply not possible. Instead, I’m asking for help from EVERYONE! Would you like to have some fun while proclaiming the Gospel message of Christmas?

Take a video of yourself, or your kids, or your parents (or grandparents!) reading one of the lessons that would normally be part of the Christmas pageant, and email the video to storyteller@emmanuelcommunitychurch.ca. I’ll patch the videos together into a virtual pageant to be shown next week.

There are copies of the readings spread out on a table in the Narthex, that is, in the church lobby. Feel free to take more than one! You might want to take readings for your grandchildren or friends. If you want to be Saint Luke or Gabriel or one of the other characters who have more than one reading, you can choose to take all the readings for that character, or just the ones you want to read and leave the rest for someone else.

You are Strongly Encouraged to have some fun with this: dress up, do your favourite voice or accent, coach your child line-by-line — it’s all up to you. There are also some costume items on the table in the Narthex. Take what you need for your costume, or use whatever costumes you have at home (just, please bring back any costume items you borrow)

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