Sunday Morning Fellowship after Worship

It’s been two years since the last time we got to gather in the Narthex over coffee and a cookie, to catch up with one another and maybe even to discuss the finer theological points in the service we just heard. But with COVID moving gradually from “pandemic” to “endemic” status, and with gathering restrictions lifted, it’s an aspect of our shared life that it’s important to reclaim. So starting this coming Sunday, March 20, we’ll be welcoming everyone to share in Sunday morning coffee & snacks after service.

As we return to practicing hospitality after worship, let us take care that it never becomes a source of disharmony in the body of Christ. There will be some among us who still need, or wish, to practice masking or social distancing; or who are uncomfortable sharing food while the pandemic is still straining our health care system (and our health care workers!) and still presenting a serious risk to vulnerable people. Let’s remember not to pressure anyone, to give people space — two metres! — if they need it, and always regard one another in love. Let’s remember also that everyone who wants the pleasure of hosting this fellowship gathering, should be able to do so. It’s the fellowship, not the food, that matters. Let’s keep the snacks simple so that no-one feels put off by the expense or trouble of hosting fellowship.

If you would like to take a turn hosting the coffee hour, please sign up on the the sign-up sheet on the Narthex bulletin board. Let me know if you have any questions!

Pamela MclEan

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