Serving at Worship

How long have you belonged here at Emmanuel Community Church. Whether you are a long term member or a recent member, I hope you feel welcome here; that you think of Emmanuel Community as your “church home”, a home we share with one another and with God. Would you be willing to share that welcome? To offer a word of greeting on Sunday mornings to returning worshippers, and to welcome new worshippers with an introduction to a church council member and a welcoming package? Greeters perform an important ministry to God’s people. If Greeting is a ministry that is calling to you, please sign up on the bulletin board or talk to Robert Madsen or Pamela MclEan.

If your calling lies more in the area of worship itself: reading lessons, or leading the Prayers of the People, that is also a valued ministry. During the transition from COVID lockdown until now, we haven’t been able to have lay readers and lay prayer leaders. Now at last we can return to the liturgical norm of lay leadership in these areas; and with the experience of Google-Meet worship services and online-pageants behind us, we have some new options for enabling people who are called to these ministries.

  • If you are unable to attend service in person you can still attend using our online “Meet” application; and you can even read lessons or lead prayer from your home. You’ll be able to see your brothers and sisters in Christ who are at worship both in-person and remotely, and they will be able to see and hear you reading the lesson.
  • If you are afraid of public speaking but not afraid of being recorded, you can video-record yourself leading the prayers or reading a lesson, and that recording will be played on the overhead screen during Sunday worship.
  • If you never know what to pray, we have a new prayer resource based on the lectionary cycle, that follows the theme for each Sunday, and provides you with pre-written prayers where you can simply add in the names of the people who particularly desire our prayers.
  • And of course you can read or lead prayers the old-fashioned way, live and in person.

If you are interested in helping serve in this way, please see Robert Madsen or Christina in the office.

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