Introducing “Acts of Emmanuel”

Emmanuel Community Church has launched its resurrected newsletter “Acts of Emmanuel.” Prior to the pandemic, people at Emmanuel would find a brightly-coloured leaflet in their mailboxes once a month or so, containing a compilation of upcoming events and news items from the back of service bulletins, plus prayer requests and other updates. “Emmanuel Echos”, as it was called, was last published in March of 2019; and our updated website took over the role of providing parisioners with information about our fellowship’s doings.

But, even in the internet age, a paper newsletter has some advantages. It’s pretty hard to tape a website to the front of the fridge! The new newsletter, “Acts of Emmanuel”, is compiled largely from blog posts to ensure that everyone gets the same information whether they use the website or not. It will be tucked into church mailboxes, and mailed to those who cannot make it in to the church; and visitors can pick up a copy on the literature stands inside the church. And — ironically! — you can read the newsletter online too!

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