Who Are We

Emmanuel is a community church, serving the neighbourhoods of Forest Lawn, Dover, Erinwoods, Southview, and southeast Calgary. Emmanuel is: all seniors, youth, families, individuals, and children who choose to belong. We value and care for one another.

Emmanuel Community Church was first organized as Emmanuel Lutheran Church in 1962. Our congregation at that time had predominately German and Scandinavian heritage. Over time we have become ethnically diverse, and welcome people from many different ethnicities and church traditions. Although we’ve changed our name, we are still part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

The great Protestant Reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) was determined not to break away from the church of his day but simply to reform it. Like him, we trace our spiritual roots to the apostolic church first established by our Lord Jesus Christ. Consistent with our Reformation heritage, we recognize the church’s constant need for spiritual renewal, and in the spirit of ecumenism we work together with Christians from other denominations to achieve Jesus’ mission in the world.